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Rio 2016 and beyond

Ahead of the Olympic torch handover to Brazil this Sunday, all eyes are on Rio in the run up to 2016.

Much of the Brazilians’ presence in London over the past few weeks has been an education exercise, to learn from our mistakes and ensure 2016 is a better experience than London, to procure sponsors and most importantly to use London’s model for generating revenue.

But Rio 2016 has an edge over London besides mere experience: investment impetus.  For the Brazilians, the Olympics are a sideshow.  Casa Brasil has opened in Somerset House to encourage investment in security, infrastructure and security in Brazil over the next four years.  Film Brazil, a project to encourage media interest in Brazil set up shop in Cannes this year to generate interest in the advertising sectors.

Pertinently from a media perspective, the four years until Rio is likely to yield technology which will revolutionise the way sponsors can speak to the enormous audience available to them, in a way only previously dreamed about in celluloid.

Rio 2016 planners are no doubt keeping a very close eye on the latest opportunities for Out Of Home.  Earlier this year, we reported on Plan UK’s  ‘Because I Am A Girl’ campaign where women would see a 40 second clip on digital billboards across London and men would simply see a message inviting them to visit a website.

Facial detection technology is making it possible for brands to make their sponsorship space which is shown to a mass, cosmopolitan audience into some of the most targeted campaigns ever created.  According to a piece on the Huffington Post this week, this technology could go even further – an algorithm is being developed to judge whether you look “happy, sad, sick, healthy, comfortable or nervous”.

For current sponsors, this is great news.  But for Brazil and the Olympic brand in general, the doors it opens for a whole new genre of sponsorship are myriad.  2016 will be the showcase for a new generation of sponsors who no longer need an association with sport to make their presence relevant.  The superbrand monopoly on Olympic sponsorship may soon be over – brands can split costs, team up and reap the rewards.  At its most basic level, Nivea for Men can appear to men, Clinique moisturiser to women: all on the same site.

This means that come Rio 2016, if technology continues to evolve as it has been, and Brazil’s commitment to innovation remains just as strong, we are in for a very different brand Olympics.  And all for the better, we say.


Things we’ve seen. . . Things we love

This week in Things we’ve seen… Things we love, media planners give pause for thought to location-based advertising in the skies; we ponder the impact of Channel4’s brutally honest warning to advertisers, and Heathrow Airport bosses claim that restricted flights are damaging the UK economy.  There’s never a dull moment!

Channel4 warns of February failure

Channel4 has written to agencies warning them that the channel will fail to deliver on its advertising deals for February.  This unorthodox move is positioned as a shift towards an era of transparency with clients about performance but raises serious questions about the health of the channel’s financials and rating figures, in a time of revolution and development for television.

Steve Hewlett at the Guardian suggests that trading is the way forward for Channel4, and this may mean some important deals and perhaps a concession on its premium prices will be afoot.

This one’s for you, Rover

Presumably from the ad masterminds who kickstarted Pester Power, British television debuted an attempt at Puppy Power this week with the launch of the first ever advert for dogs by Bakers.

The ad is made up of a selection of barks and high pitched whistles designed to encourage dogs to react by pricking their ears and tilting their heads.

Dogs at the ready, let’s give it a go!

Lay back and enjoy the coup

Tourists in the Maldives are stoically finishing their cocktails as the country’s political turmoil continues to bubble over.

Is it the insular nature of the islands that keeps the peace around the pool, or is political instability becoming less of an obstacle to a thriving tourism industry.  As Egypt prepares its recovery from last year’s protests, perhaps the balmy breezes of change are blowing.

Live on  in the Air

News that live Premier League football will be broadcast as in-flight entertainment was met with rowdy cheers from football fanatics across the globe.  The introduction of a mile-high live broadcast has surely got the cogs turning in the global betting and gaming market.

Location based marketing and live broadcast has so far proven to be a perfect partner to the gambling sector.  Watch this space to see how they make it relevant for the skies!

Skyscanner finds 2012’s top travel gadgets

As tech-geek travellers ourselves, we were particularly excited to read Phil Dalbeck’s guide to the top 10 travel gadgets for 2012.

Our favourite is the Powerbag, a backpack which keeps all your gadgets charged all day long! Well worth the dosh to make sure you’re always connected, wherever you are.

Britain, abroad

In preparation for a very British 2012, the Government has rolled out a ‘GREAT’ campaign to all corners of the globe including New York, Paris and Delhi to boost tourism around the Diamond Jubilee and the London 2012 Olympics with the aim of attracting an extra 4.6 million visitors.

Particularly striking is the Union Jack branded New York subway train.  Now that’s some westbound Central line extension!

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