This week in the Wednesday Wrap, the Cannes Young Lions judges debate true creativity in advertising and a filmmaker uses Nike’s ad budget for a round-the-world adventure. Finally, as news breaks from Adobe that mobile and tablet search will soon experience a price hike, we begin to wonder if 2012 will be remembered as the great budget gamechanger?

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Online ad spend to surpass £100 per user in 2012

Adobe yesterday released its digital advertising debate finding that mobile search is an ‘under-invested opportunity’ and warns that brands have only a 6-month window to invest before prices significantly rise.

It looks like the death knell is ringing for cost-per-click as prices rise and media owners look to implement a more lucrative pricing structure.  It seems 2012 may be the year of the stretched search budgets!

Filmmaker Uses Nike’s Ad Budget To Travel The World

Now we know why the finance guys keep a cap on the petty cash: film director Casey Neistat was given a lump sum of money by Nike to interpret the brand’s ‘Make it Count’ slogan.  He then ran off with his mate to travel the world until the funds ran out.  Luckily his holiday snaps were enough to impress his employers – here is the inspiring result:

What is creativity in advertising?

A lot of head-scratching was going on at the Guardian Media Network HQ this week as the question of creativity in advertising was posed to the Cannes Young Lions judges.  Stewart Easterbrook, CEO of Starcom MediaVest says it’s in our genes, Ita Murphy of Mindshare thinks it is a shared responsibility and Paul Turner attributes it to a can-do attitude.

What do you reckon?

Facebook Contest Finds 10 Best Shots of New York City

A little bit of ‘wow’ to round off the Wrap this week, the City of New York asked its residents to submit their best pictures of the city in a Facebook photo contest #lovenyc

We’re clamouring for a London edition: being on the 19th floor of Centre Point, we reckon we’ve got a pretty good chance of winning!

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