By Kate Kinnish

In December, we found ourselves with a reason to celebrate (and it wasn’t just for the holidays). After examining our financials, we saw that 2010 showed us a 316 per cent increase in media billings from our clients in the UK travel sector – predominantly tour operators, hotel chains and airlines.

While we have a range of clients, this increase proved something we’ve been saying all along: As the economic uncertainty continues (with people not travelling abroad as often as they used to), travel brands will be looking look to maximise inventory such as rooms, seats and holiday packages in exchange for advertising opportunities and ways to win new customers.

A number of hotel groups work with us by exchanging their rooms at full market value in return for a credit, which they spend on their marketing campaigns to help promote their brands. We then sell the rooms to their customer base.

Using corporate trade enables those in the travel industry, or their media agencies (with whom we work with daily), to use their existing inventory to help fund anything from TV ad campaigns and digital activity, through to printing and corporate hospitality.

If you’re in the travel industry and are looking to save money on your media spend while shifting a bit of overstock, talk to us. Last year alone, our clients used over $136 million worth of inventory to help fund media purchases – an added value and cash savings in excess of $100 million.

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